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Looking to improve your health and fitness? At Aspirations Outdoor Adventure we have you covered, from food plans, to Bootcamps and Personal Training. Get in touch with a member of our team for more information.
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Our Personal Fitness Training includes:

•  Personal Training   
•  Sports massage
•  Corrective exercise
•  Lower back pain management
•  Vivobarefoot running
•  Winter mud runs
•  Bootcamp Classes
•  Residential Bootcamps 
Find out more information about our training classes below.
Lower back pain management

Sports Massage Therapy

An alternative therapy is the definition, but this should certainly be considered as one of your first ports of call when you find yourself suffering the aches and pains or the dreaded injuries that every day physical activity can lead to. Not considered as a relaxing massage, sports massage is a deep tissue massage that applies the principles of trigger point therapy and myofascial release, as well as deep tissue massage in order to lay down the fibres of the muscle and tendons in the direction they should be. Helping to de-stress, detoxify and generally improve posture and function, sports massage can be applied to anyone to help improve your day-to-day living.

Costing: £30-£35

Lower back pain management

‘Lower back pain’— these are not words that are foreign to most of us, with the majority of us either suffering or knowing someone who suffers back pain in some shape or form. Qualified as a specialist in this area, I am able to assess, diagnose and assist in the management of lower back pain through exercise, stretching and massage techniques. I do not claim to be able to cure you, but what I do claim is to be able to reduce the immobility and pain and increase the range of movement so that everyday living is easier.

Costing: £30-£40

Corrective exercise

Corrective exercise may mean different things to different people. But what we do here at Aspirations is use the very simple rule that if the body is not in alignment then it can’t work efficiently. Through careful analysis of posture and movement, we can assess if the muscles and joints are working correctly, and using these findings, we can then prescribe a program of exercises and stretches.

Costing: £35-£40

Personal Training

Personal training is all about staying motivated, getting results and getting them on schedule. We recognise that every client is individual, and we know that every client requires a bespoke programme to achieve their goals.

We know that personal training is not just about having someone with you in the gym; it is about having someone guiding you through your programme of health and fitness development, which includes your training inside and outside of the gym, your diet, your lifestyle and all support services to ensure that you are in full health.

Our personal training integrates a wide range of training disciplines and methods to ensure that your interest is high and your body is always being challenged in a wide range of ways. Following your initial physical analysis sessions, your trainer will develop your bespoke plan of training. Designed to be progressive and challenging, the plan will take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile.

Costing: £35-40/session
£140/month = 1 x week
£240/month = 2 x week
£300/month = 3 x week


Vivobarefoot are the original barefoot shoe, and as a trained Vivobarefoot running instructor, we can help you get the most from your fantastically complex feet. training to run faster, stronger and with less injuries is our 'sole' priority.

 Boot camps 

Bootcamp often conjures up images of an ex army PTI shouting at you as you get pushed into the mud whilst doing press ups! but don't panic, at Aspirations Outdoor Adventures, we have a much friendlier approach to functional outdoor training. with over 10 years experience in personal and group training, we know what works and what doesn't. and shouting certainly isn't it.
Our clients are affectionally known as "The All Weather Warriors" and as the name suggest, they are a hardy bunch, training throughout the year in whatever nature throws at them, but with ages ranging from early 20's to early 70's, our Bootcamps really do cater for all abilities, no matter what your back ground. so why not give it a go, and unleash your inner Warrior!
Classes run every Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm

Winter mud runs

Mudruns are a fun way to test your strength and stamina as well as to have a good time while you are at it. The Aspirations winter mud runs at Aspirations Outdoor Adventures provide you with just that. They have been specially designed for you to have a thoroughly muddy good time. 
We run a Christmas Charity mud run in December (2.5km - 5km)
And the 'Febfreeze' OCR in February (4km-8km)
(follow our Events page on Facebook 'AspirationsEvents')

Boot camp residentials

An effective way to overcome bad habits and get into a healthy routine with your fitness and diet is to attend a residential boot camp. Our experienced and professional trainers will make sure that the time you spend here is worth your while and that you will get the results that you desire. 
The health and fitness classes at Aspirations Outdoor Adventures will help you achieve the fitness, weight loss and health goals that you wish for. We offer our services in Carmarthen and the surrounding area. Contact a member of our team to discuss your specific requirements. 
“Just a quick message to tell you that we had SOOOO much fun at the assault course on the weekend. I will be back with a bigger group of mates next time.”

—Whatley Family, Assault Course
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For professional health and fitness classes in Carmarthen, call:
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